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How Much Does A Headstone Cost?

How Much Does a Headstone Cost?

If you’re looking to know how much a headstone costs, you’ve found the right article on the Sgobba’s Monument Works blog. The death of a loved one is a difficult issue to deal with. You must shoulder the burden of missing the dearly departed. But the overall cost of the funeral must be factored in. The headstone for the burial is the second-most expensive item to pay for with the funeral. This is not as expensive as the casket itself. The cost will be high depending on the type of headstone wanted. Knowing which headstone to choose beforehand will help with budgeting costs involved.

Figuring Out the Price Range for Headstones

The first step when looking to purchase a headstone will involve planning the burial plot. Contacting the cemetery is necessary for this. The staff will provide a list of the grave markers allowed for certain plots of land. This will include the sizes allowed, materials, and the requirements for installation. The headstones involved will be tombstones, grave markers, and gravestones. Most headstones are made of marble and granite, the prices for which will vary depending on their make. Grave markers are plaques that will lay on a stone base. They can be made to include decorative touches and epitaphs that will fit the deceased’s personality. They can also include religious designs, floral designs, or a photo portrait.

It will take about six months for the headstone to be completed, on average. But certain times of the year are busier for cemeteries. This will extend the wait times. Headstone sizes and certain ordered customizations can also lead to delays. In addition, many monument companies offer headstone cleaning, headstone repairs and restoration services which can cut down on production time quite a bit instead of starting from scratch.

The Price Range for the Headstone

The most basic headstone is called exactly that: A basic headstone. These are made for lawns, and are smaller. They’re made in standard rectangle shapes that sit in the ground. These durable granite headstones only include basic information about the deceased. The lettering made for them can be etched on or traced. These start at around $600, but that can increase to $700 depending on the area.

The prices increase for the more detailed designs. The more upright granite headstones start at around $1,000. The companion headstones, made for two people sharing a grave space, fittingly start at $2,000. 

The granite flat headstones are more affordable, starting at $200. But the companion versions here tend to start at more than twice the price. They begin at around $900, which increases with demands for more detailed designs.

Perhaps the family member will feel the deceased deserves something more elaborate. They feel a detailed and specially-customized headstone is the best option here. But this will cost them. Specially-shaped headstones will start at a remarkable $2,000, and go as high as $6,000. These headstones will stand out within a graveyard, but come at a fittingly high price.

Special bronze headstones demand an even higher price. This will again depend on how willing a family member is to customize it. These start at around $2,000, and go for as high as $6,000 depending on the demands.

The More Inexpensive Options

There are cheaper options for those on a budget. Among them are the granite memorial plaques. These start at a mere $50, and go up to only around $100.

The family may not have to pay for a headstone at all if the deceased was a member of the armed forces. The family can apply for a free headstone and marker with the government in this case. The deceased must be set for a burial in a national cemetery or state veteran cemetery. But this only goes for the armed forces members. The spouses and dependents of this family member are ineligible for this offer.

How Much Does a Headstone Cost?

Plenty of work goes into budgeting a burial for a loved one. Figuring out the kind of headstone the family wants is the first step. Then, paying for the headstone is required. The most basic headstone will go for $600, but more detailed variants cost more. There are a few inexpensive options, however. Headstones also tend to be free If the deceased was part of the armed forces. This answers the question of how much a headstone costs.